info map:
The base map is the original Bjørnholm, only the land, the location of camps and the main road the rest is all new.
The map contains the new power plant automatic MIXFEEDER GEA designed and produced by the team ModPortal.
I used what they have released their sample map, also the barn is used by them. The facility is nice and all transactions can be made and edited with a tablet that is activated by left CTRL + M + F with this system you can decide how often to feed the cows, times amount based on the number of cows owned, buy any missing products (straw, grass silage) can also decide the percentages, etc. to set times the mixer part stops under 3 container loads the percentages of 3 and running products on a suspended rail passes on the feeders and distributes rations, wherever you are always with the tablet you can see from all the positions’ Internal stall through the cameras so as to control if the mixer part.
crops are standard

mixfeeder by Modportal team
map by GIANTS

AGRIVENETO_2015_FIX.rar – 412.0 MB


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