New Features added: Individual pickup header raise and lower control Individual pickup header side discharge control reduced image size for less ram usage for low end computers tested for yield loss as compared with ingame rakes. If merge in a circle to make single large swath or in a manner to pile swaths upon swaths, there is yield loss with both 334 and ingame mergers. If used properly, as to merge left and right sides, there is no yield loss and is same as ingame rakes. – Joe

-Wheel Particles
-Driving Particles
-Realistic Lights
– Alfalfa windrow particles
-Animated Hydraulics
-Flexible With terrain
-custom Lindbejb script for 334
– Best if used with multifruit mod Read: Roughly 20 mins Oxbo is my form parents house, before pursuing my bachelors in chemistry and Univeristy of Wisconsin and Onto my doctorate at Boston Univeristy, I shadowed engineers at Oxbo in Clear Lake Wisconsin thinking I was going to pursue engineering. Plans change and so does the windowing practice in farm sim. So, I worked hard, many hours, to Provide you with the 34 foot Oxbo merger. Only Merges to rightside and reference my videos if need guidance. Enjoy a little bit more American farming in your game – Joe SO I KNOW THIS WILL END UP EVERYWHERE SO JUST UPLOAD WITH PROPER CREDITS, SIMPLE REQUEST. OTHERWISE ENJOY Credits: Lindbejb (LBJ Modding)

Lindbejb (LBJ Modding) – 21.3 MB


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