Returning to the FS community, even better then before is the lms Placeable and Refillable farm house Fuel Pumps.
That is correct. No more do you have to only use the fuel sell trigger on your farm. Now you actually have a realistic farm fuel tank system.
how it works,
Must have AAA_UniversalProcessKit.zip in your mods folder.
buy and place on your farm, farms around your map.
get a Mobile fuel trailer and fill them up.
The filling trigger is on the left side of the set, closest to the gas pump. Just drive your fuel trailer into the trigger there and it will automatically began pumping out the fuel.
Now, you can fill any and all of your tractors from the station trigger in front, closest to the diesel pumps.
Total capacity 8000 liters
Initial capacity on placement is 1000 liters
You are welcome to use the triggers to make your own tanks, with more or less capacity, for more versatility.
Can be used as peaceable or imported into maps using GE.

Gaints Software
Alex2009, Sven777b – gasTankPlaceable script
Lazymod Studios
Looseterror – model/textures
AlbertL convert to 2015

lmss_Placeable_Refillable_Fuel_Station.zip – 443 KB UploadFiles.eu


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