MAN F2000 19-603 V1.3




Animierte Türen.
Diese lassen sich jetzt öffnen von Aussen und Innen. Durch die Türen Kommmt man auch in den truck mit etwas geschick.
Also begehbar.

May I introduce my new MOD you here. A MAN F2000 19-603, 4×2 (4×4 with Drive Control). The truck has color choice, functioning mirror, dashboard lights in the interior and subtle exterior lighting. Except trailers it is also possible with the MAN, to draw Full trailers and accommodate the 3.7m caddy.
Vmax = 98 km / h
Power: 600 PS
Purchase price: € 120.000, –
Rent: € 400,
LOG is clean. Wishes a lot of fun with the MAN!

david8511 – 56.4 MB


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