NH T7 SERIES T7.220 / 250 / 270 WHEELSHADER V1.0 ALPHA



New Holland T7 Series T7.220/250/270 V1.0 Alpha:
IC Control, Front Axle Animated, IntellView IV Boot,Dual Fan Motor Animated, Bonnet Open, Weight Wheels, and more.. in FS17!
New Holland T7.220 Autocommand : Nominal Power 167HP -> Max Power 218HP
New Holland T7.250 Autocommand Blue Power: Nominal Power 200HP -> Max Power 250HP
New Holland T7.270 Autocommand Blue Power Golden Jubilee: Nominal Power 228HP -> Max Power 269HP

powered by STv-Modding & LS Modding (some parts from by Spartan086)

Texture: Spartan086,LS-Modding,STv-Modding,Madabub’s Krims Krams
Script: LS-Modding,STv-Modding,Spartan086
Idea / Concept:LS-Modding,STv-Modding,Spartan086
Testing: LS-Modding,STv-Modding
Other: LS-Modding,STv-Modding,Spartan086

FS15_NewHollandT7Series_V1_0.zip – 97.5 MB uploadfiles.eu/sharemods.com


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