But now he is here!

Version 1.5
Added MAN TGS 18.480 4×4
Reversing lights newly adapted
2 all-round lights in orange and transparent added
Front flashers are now also selectable if man 2 above or 2 below or all 4 at once wants
Blinkerconfic added (must be scrolled down in the shop) Selectable between Static and Dynamic Blinker

The MAN TGS 26.480 6×4 crane from TschiZack Fahrzeugbau.
So that everyone knows it will be in the next 24 hours after this mods a video linked where I explain why you can do with this mod what you want.
The permission I give you BUT please do not forget to mention the credits!

Thanks to all whose models / scripts I have used.

Driving, steering, light, horn yes standard stop
Crane via mouse control / group controlled (group 1)
Stamp left via mouse control / group controlled (group 2)
Stamp right via mouse control / group-controlled (group 3)
Stamp Front Left via Mouse Control / Group Controlled (Group 4)
Stamp front right via mouse control / group-controlled (group 5)
Support left / right extension with right CTRL + v / b
Crane light with right CTRL + Num 4
Additional work light with right CTRL + Num 7
Fog / rear fog light with right CTRL + Num 8 / Num 9
High beam with Num 4

Important: The supports in the mouse group control are all the same because I did not manage to call all seperart. The crane is still recognizable as an arm in the help window. !!!!

On board:
Body / rim and design color choice
Chip engine configuration from the Halloween MAN
Design choice Lion 1/2 color choice Lion 3 and Halloween
Flash configuration nix / Rul / Flash LED / Rul + Front Flash / Flash LED + Front Flash / Front Flash only
Configuration for the additional working lights and additional reversing lights

A right heartfelt thanks go to the people in the credits as well as again to LS17 vehicle technology for the ideas as well as motivational help to the Giants model so umzuverstalten (in a positive sense).

Giants (original model)
John Deere 5615F [TschiZack Gameing] (editing)
NAS team (crane + crane animation)
OcciRS (MXND Modeling) (Front Flasher)
Ifko [nator] (scripts) (I found the scripts in a public mod)
LS17 Vehicle Technology (Tester)

MAN_TGS_4x4_6x4.zip – 33.8 MB modsbase.com/sharemods.com