FS17 URSUS C-330 V1.2.0

Configurations in the store:
– Different engine configurations: muffler round, flat, bus driver, without silencer, turbo, 3p (different configuration different sound)
– Choice of mask, engine and rim colors
– Loads of new and old type, turned rims
– With or without turem

What he has:
– Expanded ic panel
– Various elements are opened and arranged
– Movable doors and mud flaps
– Mobile wajchy, tip
– Textures on the principle of Giants (shiny new sable)
– Newly modeled model
– Dirty
– Bended tires front and rear
– Mod hands (set up and removable on the panel ic)
– Smoke (set and removed on the panel ic)
– A new model of wheels and fenders (and other duperels)
– Movable rods from the steering system
– Dynamic camera
– Mod passenger
– Sound on the Giants principle
– New sounds (recorded again)
– It has txt normal so it has rough dirt and the appearance is not so painful
– Real driving physics (tilts with sharp sharpness and high speed)
– Weight 39.1 Mb (vases as it has some very specific elements and two engines)
– 0 errors
– Has a few warnings from sound and gear changes (no lag or interference)

– the lift has been corrected
– vibrations have been improved
– the lights have been improved
– lighting has been improved
– The cooler in 3p has been improved
– the camera has been corrected
– collisions have been corrected
– moving belts have been added (they are unmatched but you can not see it very much)
– pulleys added in 3p
– dynamic hoses added
– clean log

Have you noticed any errors? Let me know about it.

Authors of the Model: Marcello1942, Bociek, Bartek90256
Authors: Bartek90256
Help with logo and some scripts: theAdrian558, PolskiRolnik
Help with txt normal: theAdrian558 (learn how to do it)
Help with drugs: Czarnel
Author of the equipment for the round: CatFan18 Mods, Bartek90256
(I have permission from CatFan for the equipment)

FS17_Ursus_C330.zip – 36.1 MB modsbase.com/sharemods.com