This modification adds a new tab with settings to the pause menu.

– added the option to change the clock position,
– added option to exit the game directly to the desktop,
– added a new trailer fill indicator,
– added a fill indicator to manure spreaders,
– the restart game option has been removed,
– the function of hiding objects in the store has been improved, now only categories containing items from the modification/DLC are visible,
– the function of hiding dialog boxes has been improved,
– the crosshair hiding function has been improved (the crosshair is visible if it is in “partial mode” and the player is in the simpleIC trigger range),
– fixed bug with incorrect display of month name in some language versions of the game,
– fixed bug in multiplayer with “easier engine starting” function

Available settings:
– changing the visibility of the interface,
– changing the visibility of the crosshair,
– changing the time format,
– displaying the current date,
– displaying the fade effect when switching cameras,
– changing the visibility of dialog boxes,
– displaying a fill indicator above the trailer,
– changing the smoothness of the camera movement,
– easier engine starting (starting the engine by pressing the accelerate key),
– automatically starting savegame after loading is complete,
– changing visibility of non mod/DLC items in the shop,
– changing of the environment lighting,
– changing of the brightness of the environment,
– changing of the depth of field setting,
– changing the visibility of birds in the game world,
– changing animal collision behavior,
– changing the camera collision behavior


FS19_AdditionalGameSettings.zip – 42 KB uploadfiles.eu/sharemods.com