FS19 C-130 CARGO PLANE V1.0.0.0

Hello guys! sorry I am a little behind on my weekend release. I was attempting to install autoload on this plane so I could avoid the weight issues that come with the flying script. Unfortunately the autoload script conflicts with the flying script— SAD face! I had to recode it all so it did not crash on me.

side doors open and you can enter thru them. Hold Left click and scroll up, down, left right. Each one opens or closes the doors
Rear cargo hatch opens “x” key
Landing gear raises using the “n” Key
Full collisions
specular and normal Map for dirt and wear to show

Loading limits:
so far I can get 4000 Liters loaded in the bay, roughly 4 feed bags or bales, or 2 chemical pallets. I have not had any luck with the small in-game truck, but the ATV’s if they are light can fit a few.
The key is to center the load in the aircraft between the wheels and then strap them down. If the weight is off-center, the aircraft will lean to one side.
Its taken me a few months to be able to get lifting loads increased, Ill continue to chip away at the lifting limits with workarounds.
Thanks for being here!


c130_CargoPlane_FS19.zip – 44.9 MB uploadfiles.eu/sharemods.com