This is new version of the MCE map.


Very important, with this version you can´t continue a old save game. If you do, the game will crash and you need restart your PC. I know is boring, but this version have many changes and the old saves are no more acceptable with this version.

All players with slow PC´s have to pay attention on rock production, and marble production. Excessive production can make the FPS drops, so use this new production sites with wisdom.

ChangeLog v0.7:
– Decrease the value per hectar for farmlands.
– New footbridge (3) on the railway for lowloaders don’t get stuck.
– Produce rocks (50) on mine 2 for use with mobile stone crusher.
– The second train now reach 120km/h
– The bricks factory now need Lime to produce bricks (thanks to DancerVlt69).
– Translation in German for factorys (thanks to DancerVlt69).
– Change the name Litium for Lithium
– Change the name gardenstone for StonesGarden
– Change the name Crude for CrudeOil.
– Increased the volume of piles on iron processor.
– Fix the bug on reiversand site. Now can extract all riversand.
– On riversand site now you need extract riversand inside the river to become navigable.
– Olives Production
– Remove the income from scrapyard
– New mine to extract marble
– New paintable textures (marble and granite)
– Fix the bug on water trigger from Lithium Processor when play on dediserver.

Nonnus (me)
all modders do the placeables i use on the map (credits is on the map)
Global Company developers (LS-Modcompany / kevink98, aPuehri, Eribus)

FS19_Mining_Construction_Economy.zip – 1.6 GB modsbase.com/sharemods.com