– added organic waste as bi-product (will be used for making compost in a future mod, or can be sold for a small price);
– all the ingredients must be delivered to the orchards, no more buying from production menu.

This are realistical versions of fruit orchards, also with separate trees for a custom orchard. Will have two variants: normal and Mediterranean and all the trees will be available for placing separately.
Production Revamp mod needed.
The recipes uses water, and if you add lime, compost or/and manure, solid fertilizer and empty pallets (last one is buyable from the store or can be produced by my sawmill platinum; other empty pallets may work) you’ll get a boosted output.
The recipes are the same for the specific trees, but with increased production on the orchards.
The production will depend on the sun’s power (night off, when very sunny the production will be at it’s best), temperature (if cold, will produce less) and will stop working in the winter months.
Will work without compost or empty pallets if the map doesn’t have this fillTypes (only some warnings in the log).
Selling point not needed, it will sell as same place as base game strawberries.
When the new trees will be ready, the old ones will be replaced, but the production and placeables will remain the same.

Black_Dragon23 – 46.1 MB