Adds revised greenhouses with water fill triggers at each end, oil and diesel revised pricing, fix for canola at the oil refinery, fix for mulching from day one without cycling the owned field first, revised starting vehicles, fix for the discharge error on the Hmilk machine, repainted start field layers, primary AI concrete layer painted under all roads and more detailing around the map.
A complete new game is required for this new version.
Fixed Midnight sleep and fast time crash.
Composter and industrial wood chipping plant, diesel refinery and a new BGA. These all buy land when purchased. The BGA also has free electric charging and methane.
Compost can be used to fertilize fields and sold at sell points.
Oil can be collected from the oil field and delivered to the refinery.
Hmilk a can be created with the system found in the production factories group.
Full suite of paintable ground textures added.
Modded Vector cow feed robot.
New items added to the farm supplies silo.
New sell points added and fixes applied to the old ones.
The multi tanker can be found in the slurry tanks section, and the single pass crop to seed bed platinum plow is in the plow’s section of the store both are already in your starting vehicles.
2 new 4 fruit Greenhouse’s added to the greenhouse section, new production fruit pallets are pumpkin, melon, red cabbage and carrots. Fruits added to sell points.
Diesel sales added to the gas station.
Fresh new field layers, stones now work, field areas and terrain adjusted and smoothed where needed.
New visual improvements around the map.
Removed the shed office at the main farm, farm areas reworked. new lighting and signs added around the map.
Redundant painted mask left overs removed and new ones generated.
Economy reworked.
All windrow values increased.
New background hills and map boundaries.
Larger vehicle reset point added in the main farm yard
All user reported issues and some requested changes addressed.
Thanks to Chris for helping out with the testing.
Have fun with it.

Donation link: https://paypal.me/StevieFSMods?locale.x=en_GB


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