Here I make my production available to you, which I built in Blender and passed the test well, everything that is installed works as it should.

Update of the power plant production, you now also have the option of charging your electric vehicles at the power plant, all you have to do is produce electricity
ShapeWarning remains, it’s just that it’s too big, a warning for Consolas players, which I’m not aiming for

The greenhouse produces tomatoes, lettuce and strawberries.
For production in the greenhouse you need: manure, herbicides, water and seeds.
Storage space for water: 200000L, manure 240000L, herbicides: 240000L, seeds:240000L.
Price: €75015

There is also a power plant, which is needed to produce electricity to operate the greenhouse.
Required here: Diesel: 150000, Digistate:150000, LIQUIDMANURE: 150000, Silage: 150000, Straw: 150000, WOODCHIPS: 150000, Manure 150000. ,
all inputs are also individual productions for the production of electricity
Price: €75015
Both productions also bring you money every month, so you have a double win in the matter.
Have fun with the mod

Info in the log
Warning: Shape from ‘Kraftwerk’ and GreenhouseBig, as the shape is pretty big, but that’s the way big mods go. there are worse
this error only says that it is too big for consoles, which doesn’t interest me at all.

This mod must not be installed on a map, there is no release for this until I have published my map.
May be shared in other forums/discord.
Download link remains original /// Download link remains original \\\
Prohibited Sites: Mod Hoster

Giants Software
Maddogs Design

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