JOHN DEERE 8RT (2011-13) V1.0.0.0

Today i am releasing the (2011-13) John Deere 8RT That i have been working on for the past week, i made this thing as much realistic as i could.
i would like to Thanks Dince Modding for allowing me to use his parts from his JD 2011 8R to create this.

– Engine Options: (8310RT, 8335RT and 8360RT)
– Track Options: (16″ Tracks and 25″ Tracks)
– Track Spacings: (80″ 92″, 104″ and 120″)
– Starfire Options: (3000, 6000)
– Beacon options: (Left Beacon Right Beacon, Or both)
– Hood Light Options: (Old, New)
– Flashers foldable
– Ladder Moveable
– Openable door with w/ Interactive controls
– Openable Back Window w/ Interactive controls
– 3-point hitch back
– Front weights option
– Rockbox option
– Fully Interior animations
– Interactive controls is needed for full enjoyment.

STX Farms
DinceV2 – 101.3 MB