Tanks for the SaddleTrac 4200 from the DLC and the “old SaddleTrac 3000/3800, liquid manure tank and fertilizer/herbicide tank with field sprayer in combination

New fertilizer and herbicide tank! only for the 4200 SaddleTrac! :
also works in combination with the Hardi Mega 1200L field sprayer

Functionality of the “short” tanks:
Zunhammer tank and Väderstad tank can now also be used with the “old Saddle Trac 3000/3800 !!!
the tanks work with the new 4200 and the old 3000/3800

Claas SaddleTrac 4200 tank pack
The tanks are adapted to be compatible with the CLAAS Saddle Trac 4200 from the DLC.
!!!! NEW !!!! from version the two “short tanks” are also compatible with the “old” SaddleTrac 3000/3800 !!!
Zunhammer liquid manure and fermentation residues tank with 15,000L content for attachments such as cultivators ect.
Fertilizer/herbicide tank Väderstad in combination! with field sprayer from Hardi Mega 1200L
The tank and syringe can be refueled and work in combination, i.e. when the tank on the syringe is empty, it automatically switches to the tank
1200L sprayer + 15,000L tank = 16,200L capacity for fertilizing

from version only compatible with the SaddleTrac 4200!
Fertilizer/herbicide tank WobbyTec / Zunhammer in combination! with field sprayer from Hardi Mega 1200L
25,000L capacity
Liquid fertilizer, herbicide.

Wobby – 51.6 MB