Bugfixes & Changes
Fixed key bindings of bale counter reset if the baler is foldable or if it’s on console
Removed Vicon Fanex 904 tedder from silage mission
Fixed reset of bale counter and animations in multiplayer with more than 2 players
Also show bale counter while in a trigger

From the inventors of the round baler comes a set of powerful and innovative machines for Farming Simulator 22: Including the world’s first self-propelled baler, the Vermeer pack includes five efficient and unique machines by the international manufacturer from North America.

With the ZR5-1200 self-propelled baler by Vermeer, the first of its kind, you produce bales as fast as possible, with great comfort and maneuverability – but without the necessity of a tractor. Zero-turn capability and high transport speed saves you a lot of time on and between fields.

A trailed mower, a twin rake as well as a high-duty baler and a bale processor are also included in the Vermeer pack to round off the selection of sturdy machinery to make your grassland operation more efficient.

GIANTS Software

Vermeer Pack (Download Only)