VINERY V1.0.0.0

We hereby introduce you to the winery. The winery is animated. This is a placeable production mod.

The winery also has color choice to select with M/N (before building the building)

The winery can also be reached with the game’s own AD. If you are on the second floor and in the small tasting room, set the wine exit to direct sale and let yourself be surprised!

Winery requires:


Empty pallets (can be bought in the shop) and grapes to keep it running.

Wine and grape juice can be sold on your map:


Now we wish you a lot of fun

credits : Susi35 and Wingi

A big thank you to Wingi for expanding the 2 floor

gtx/chissel for script

Mojo for goal

Wine press to place Susi & Wingi

A winery by Susi & Wingi to place your maps. This is a beta version for you to test.

Version probably at the weekend!

Farmer_Andy – 293.8 MB